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How to Survive and Enjoy Winter Running in the Snow

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Running is my daily meditation. I love getting my runners on and getting through the door for my daily run. However, during the winter period snowfalls are quite common and unfortunately unavoidable part of the experience. And while I don’t actually pop out with the same enthusiasm as when I do in the sunny months, I have few tips that make the whole experience much more bearable, and to some extent, enjoyable.

  1. Clothingget lot of layers – underwear, 1-2 middle layers, a jacket. Use gloves and a hat, and plan in advance your daily run. I found that preparing my clothes the night before makes it easier for me, so I prepare in advance and in the morning, I just put them on.
  2. Wear warmer shoes – nothing makes the experience more miserable than having cold, wet feet when you are few miles away from home. Even if you don’t commit to a full-blown winter running shoes, at least you should pick a warmer pair that addresses your feet health issues, if you have any. There are plenty of different models to choose: from the best possible running shoes for high arches or flat feet to footwear with wide toe box suitable bunions or shoes that care for the heel comfort and suitable for plantar fasciitis, the brands offer footwear for all conditions.
  3. Choose snow, not ice. Running on ice is tricky and slippery. It is super easy to slip, fall and break a bone or even a limb. Don’t risk it. Go skating if you prefer, but don’t run on ice. The most dangerous situation is when the snow below has melted but the temperatures fall again and a new snowfall begins. It is like a skate ring you can’t see. Stay away.
  4. Be prepared to fall anytime. It is not embarrassing, just a part of the winter traps. Take precautions like keeping your feet as close to the ground as possible, take shorter steps. If you find particularly icy area, slow down and walk through it.
  5. Wear high-visibility clothing. Wintertime is cloudy and visibility is reduced. Drivers are often times unable to see people due to the snow blowing everywhere. Consider wearing bright clothes and even flashlights if you are going to hit the road before sunrise or after the sunset. Stay away from troubles and avoid being injured. Just try to remember how difficult it is to spot pedestrian wearing black clothes at night. The same is with runners, except for the fact that they are moving much faster. Just stay safe
    sauna relax
  6. Find the silver lining. Be the person that enjoys dancing in the rain. Enjoy your run. Make yourself little gifts when you reach certain milestones. Reward yourself with fancy bright running gear and footwear. Take lots of pictures and post them on your social profiles to make your friends envy your courage and toughness. Take a good hot bath when you return. Reward yourself with hot sauna once a week. Make snow angels on the way back. Throw snowballs at your buddies. Take your dog with you. Whatever you do, don’t get negative, find the good in the crappy weather. Being positive wins half of the battle. Being tough enough to run in winter shows you are born to be a winner.

Have fun running!

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